Prices can vary greatly in this line of work so your best option would be to contact us and we can set up a free meeting to talk over what your project entails and the different pricing. But heres a breakdown, prices can vary due to the services you might require such as rebrand management, advertising (internet etc.), video quantity, video length, shooting time, editing time, video style and more. We offer the free meeting because giving a rough estimate is somewhat difficult since projects are so different, and we strive to work with you to create the project you want combined with the budget your willing to spend. Before contacting, think about what you want to convey, what you want to do with your business, how many videos you require, how long do you want them to be and what style you would like to have. If you can gather 2 or 3 of these variables we can then work with you to fill in the blanks and put together the perfect proposal.

For Half Day and Full date rates, please contact us using the link below.


some of Our previous clients

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Dream Grow has conducted research into the benefits of promotional videos for business’, listing 5 core reasons to consider the business investment.

  1. Company Image: Having a Video on your home page correlates with an 80% increase in conversation

  2. Good Return: 83% of companies who have previously had videos created agree the investment is worth it in the long run. Spending money to make money.

  3. Builds Trust: People who actively seek out your business services are definitely researching your competitors as well, to find quality and a company that they can trust. Videos present your business describing who you are and what you do, highlighting great client relationships making 57% of customers feel more comfortable.

  4. Google will love you: You are 53 times more likely to come up first on a google search if your website has a video linked. If people watch the video, people spend more time on your site. Making google analytics trust your sight and promote it further compared to your competition.

  5. Easy Explainer: The information your clients seek is most likely across multiple pages on your website. Clients generally only view 1.5 pages when they visit your site, so having a video on the home page can tell your client everything they need to know. Videos will even encourage lazy customers too.