Rubtech Productions

The question we are asked most is ‘Why the name RubTech?’

Well it is name that has followed Ruben Mars (Director of RubTech Productions) around for most of his life. His Dad started calling him ‘Rub’ from a very young age and somewhere along the line acquired the word Tech to top off the name. Years passed and the name grew more and more popular until Ruben discovered film. The year was 2012, Ruben and his friends started creating films at Cullinane College in and out of audio visual class. They thought just like the movies, these films need some sort of production company to back them, from there on out combining the nickname RubTech with the word Productions, the name yet again gained a few syllables. Video by Video the name became synonymous with Rubens films, and his love for creating took him on to study a Bachelor of Communications from AUT. 

During his time at University he gained a great deal of experience in advertising, radio, public relations and animation but most importantly, he graduated with flying colours earning his major in Film and Television. It must be mentioned that the Name of RubTech Productions grew a lot with Ruben’s 3 Years in Auckland. Every project completed, always ended with the RubTech Productions Logo. One of his finest moments during his tertiary study was being able to direct a short film, where finally RubTech Productions got its moment in the spotlight, actually producing the film. Still a highlight to this day.

Upon finishing university, Ruben wasn’t sure what direction he wished to take his life, all he knew was he loved film and was good at it. Within a few months he found himself overseas traveling and filming up a storm before going to work at Camp Chipinaw in upstate New York. He was in charge of the film department teaching kids various things including editing, green screen and filming. It was here where it finally hit him, what he was destined to do all along was right in front of him, he wanted to film, film everything he could, but he didn’t want to simply impress, he wanted to exceed expectations to keep people coming back.

Touch down back in New Zealand and there was no mucking around. Weddings, Business, Property, Drone, Freelance Films. Wellington, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Whanganui, Auckland, hey why not New Zealand wide. The plans were coming together, clients were starting to gather, but there was deliberation, what name does he use. As much as he tried, there was just no getting away from ‘RubTech Productions’, the name that had taken him on this amazing journey and was well known by many.

Now here we are, filming across the nation for business and private clients alike. Projects big and small, RubTech Productions will continue to impress, striving to capture the outlandish and fantastic.

"I feel a great connection to story telling through film, no matter the message. I have had a great wealth of experience in filming, most of my skills being perfected from my 3 years at AUT. After my time at university i have invested greatly in industry standard equipment & software and no matter where I go I always have a camera in hand.  I am a strong believer in my ability to capture what is desired and turn it in to a visual spectacle which is well received by clients, whether they be a business, newlyweds or private & real estate clients. I love powering creativity, so lets chat and see what i can do for you" - Ruben Mars